STEAM Reboot

Adult learners wishing to continue their education or enter the workforce in STEAM career fields can be successful with some foundational courses to prepare. With a supportive learning environment that builds off of their prior knowledge, all students can succeed. We use a blend of project-based and direct instruction learning that can be individualized for students through informal and formal formative assessments.

Classes are modeled after the lecture and lab format of most colleges and universities. 3-hour time slots and will be structured to have 50 minutes of teaching with a 10 minute break. Lecture structure will use PowerPoint or other presentation formats but incorporate real-world applications of class content. There will be opportunities for discussion, student questions, hands-on activities, skits, and other interactive activities.

Instructors will be available before and after lecture and labs to provide students with additional help. Also, there will be open classroom throughout the day and evening to have a place for students to work on assignments or apply skills learned in class. A schedule of tutoring times and open classroom study spaces will be published in hard copy and soft copy.

Materials or monetary means should not be a limit to student achievement. All needed materials for classes will be provided for students as part of their tuition. Students need to only bring a positive attitude and an open mind. A workbook will be provided for each course to keep at the end of the course. Students may choose to bring their own personal electronic device like a laptop or tablet for class.

The GED and high school equivalency preparedness course provides an overview of the four academic subject areas that comprise the GED test (i.e., language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science). Digital skills necessary for passing the new GED will also be covered. Through the use of diagnostic pretests, course content will emphasize students’ needs. The GED Math preparation part of the course is designed to provide learners the opportunity to understand and apply the necessary math concepts needed for estimating, computing, and solving word problems that are needed in preparing to take the GED Math test. There will be an emphasis on data analysis, geometry, and algebra. Learners will learn test-taking skills, understand the official GED Math test format, and complete practice GED Math tests.


This course will also provide information to students about the services and resources available on campus, help learners identify their current abilities and styles of learning, help learners identify any barriers, learning deficiencies or skill gaps with strategies and/or recommendations for improvement, help learners set long and short-term goals while identifying personal, educational and employment interests and the skills needed to obtain those goals, and help learners develop a personal learning/goal plan. The course is offered two days a week for 3 hours for 4 weeks for 24 hours total.

Cost: $245

Students will gain basic hands-on experience using the integrated programs of Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft 365 and Google Applications. This course is designed to use the basic features of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, and to integrate data between the applications. Also, this course will orient individuals with the applications associated with Gmail and Google Drive.

Lecture: 3 hours per week

Lab: 3 hours per week

Total of 4 weeks.

Cost: $245

Provides a broad introduction to computer science. Topics include architecture and function of computer hardware, including networks and operating systems, data and instruction representation and data organization. Covers software, algorithms, programming languages (Python will be learned in depth) and software engineering. Discusses artificial intelligence and theory of computation. Includes a hands-on instructional component.


Lecture: 3 hours per week

Lab: 3 hours per week

8 weeks is 48 hours.

Cost: $650


Weekly: 3 hours

Course is 4 weeks long for a total of 12 hours