STEAM Programs

Lifelong learning is a trait that is developed and fostered through enriching programs like STEAM Works, Outreach events, Common Ground Community Art, and our curriculum and professional development workshops.

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We will provide a wide range of integrated projects that Pre-K-12 students can complete in an 8-week session around a central STEAM idea.

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Common Ground Community Art


Each quarter there will be a specific exhibit that will focus on a different aspect of the community to display work and celebrate our diversity and discover what we all have in common.

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STEAM Reboot


Foundational STEAM courses for adult learners to prepare for continuing formal education and preparing for careers in STEAM. 

BIOS4 Global Service Learning Project

Are you learning Spanish or French?


Do you want to travel the world and use your language skills with native speakers but at the same time make a difference by doing community service? We are looking for 10 students ages 14-20 that want to meet weekly from September to June to research, plan, and then implement a project in Senegal (French Language Learners) or Colombia (Spanish Language Learners) in the area of sustainable farming/agriculture.