STREAM Online Course ages 3-6



We have 4 STREAM courses for 4 grade bands (ages 3-6 EL, ages 7-11 ES, ages 12-14 MS, ages 14 up HS). Each on comes with a robot. EL is getting a code & go mouse. We will be learning to program the robot throughout the next 10 weeks. The courses are online through our TalentLMS site. There is also an app version of the site for tablets and phones. All materials are included plus weekly Zoom Live events and access to Imagine Learning Math which is adaptive to the math skills of each child. It is self-paced. But takes about 30 minutes per lesson. We do a science, technology, reading, Engineering, arts, and mathematics lesson each week. Zoom events are in the morning and afternoon. Usually around 10-11 am or 1-2pm for a half hour but they are optional. The curriculum is currently built on plant science for the first month with the incorporation of computational thinking/computer science skills being built and applied in the STREAM lessons around the plant science theme to get them outside as well.

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