Remembering that seeds (even of social change) take time to germinate and bear fruit.

Today I planted some seedlings into our community vegetable garden here at BEACON House, Inc. While planting I spent time reflecting on the conversations of the week. It is a huge uphill battle building the brand and legacy of a new nonprofit. However, I thought back to the many stories of history about how things grow and take hold. It starts with a small change or seed of hope. Then as it finds the needed items for growth (soil, temperature, precipitation, and space) it starts to germinate. Slowly it starts to sprout and them take hold in the soil. Days, weeks, and months later it blossoms and then bears it fruit.

Beacon House, is still finding the right conditions and getting all of its resources. We have many resources and have most of the right conditions. However, we still need members to help grow our mission and vision. We want to make a positive change on Hagerstown, Washington County, and the 4 State but we need hands and hearts to do that. Please consider joining us. You can become a member through our online store. Also, you can contact me, Anthony Williams at and we can talk more about our mission and how you might help us germinate and blossom into an organization that will be able to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of young and old here. We want everyone to have access to STEAM Education and to achieve their full potential in STEAM Careers!

Anthony Williams