Tony with pyramids

Why kids need to travel more…

Today I  head out on another international adventure! Each time there is a mixture of feelings but none as strong as my curiosity to see and experience time with the people of the world and learn from them. I remember as a child I always wanted to learn about new and different cultures. I wanted to understand their way of life and thoughts.

I have now lived abroad, taken students abroad several times and I am happy to have a great Global Service Learning Project planned for this fall at BEACON House, Inc. Be on the lookout for BIOS4 coming to Washington County this fall! It is a program offered at BEACON House, Inc. for 13-18 y/o students in world language.

Kids need to expand their worldview at an early age. This helps them become global citizens and not solely Americans. They start to see that there are more similarities than differences. They see people as people in foreign countries and not just images on the news. Greater empathy is cultivated than if they never leave the USA.


Anthony Williams